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Touchpad Bluetooth Keyboard For Smart Phone PC Computer Laptop Wireless Keyboard For iOS Android Windows for iPad Keyoboard

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Bluetooth keyboard connection steps

1.After the power switch is turned to the ON position, the power indicator light is on for 3 seconds, the Bluetooth indicator starts to flash, and the keyboard automatically enters the pairing mode.

2.Open and unlock your tablet and click on the "Settings" icon.In the settings menu, click on the "Bluetooth" menu.

4. Turn on the Bluetooth switch and the tablet will automatically search forBluetooth keyboard devices.

5.Discover the Bluetooth keyboard device: Bluetooth Keyboard ***, and click on it, the Bluetooth keyboard will automatically connect.

6.After the Bluetooth connection is successful, the pairing indicator is off, and "Connected" will appear in the list of Bluetooth devices.

7.IOS13 system touchpad gestures

1)Sliding finger=Moving the cursor

2)Single finger fast double click without loose drag=Left click to select the target drag

3)Two-finger vertical /horizontal movement=Vertical/horizontalscrolling

4)Three fingers move up at the same time=Recent task window switch

5)Three fingers sliding left /right at the same time=Active window left /right slide switch

6)Single finger tap=Left mouse button

7)Two-finger tapping=Right mouse button

8)Three-finger tap=Middle mouse button

9)Three fingers move down at the same time=Back to Homepage

Notice:This keyboard is 3-system universal keyboard,after confirming using it then push FN+QNN/E to choose suitable system.


1. Make sure the power is turned on

2. Ensure keyboard operable distance

3. Make sure the battery has power

4. Ensure the device's Bluetooth was turned on

5. Ensure the wireless keyboard was connected with the Bluetooth6. Ensure the wireless keyboard paired successfully

One hour charge lasts more than 30 days

Endurance,fast charge and power saving,1H charge,use 30 days(calculated by 2 hours per day).

1 hour charging time

20day Usage time

30day Standby time

Upgrade the trackpad

Wireless Bluetooth keyboard

Suitable for multiple operating systems,computers.Tablet.Mobile universal

Suitable for multiple operating svstems computers.

Tablet'Mobile phone universal

Charging life Environment-friendly materials charge 2 hours for 30 days

Eco-friendly material.can be recharged to maintain keyboard battery Bluetooth 3.0 connection

Light size Convenient travel

Lightweight design,stuffed into the bag can not feel the existence

Comfortable Typing and Precise Control

Scissor switch

Good resilience and fine comfortability.

Responsive trackpad

Conveniently using like a mouse navigate and control your tablet precisely

Touch pad gesture function

The touch pad supports custom gesture function,and the multi-gesture touch pad has no delay


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